Types of Female Models


Other than the usual fashion models and runway models, both freelance models and female models under a Singapore modelling agency must be aware of the different kinds of modelling there is. Even if you couldn’t meet the height requirement for a modelling agency Singapore, there’s always a modelling job for everyone, regardless of their size or height. Even a child could be a model as well!

Usually, when we talk about modelling, we would often think of people posing with expensive looking clothes in front of a camera, or walk down a runway with crowds marveling at your poise. To give you some exposure on the other modelling types, there are fitness models, stock image models, commercials, and also plus-sized models. These generally don’t require you to be one of the prettiest female models in Singapore, however, modelling clients would generally want a portfolio that exhibits some model like qualities as well. These would be the main reason why Beautiful Singapore Models  are always chosen first despite their personality when working with photographers.

The freelance models in Singapore would often be invited to do a “glamour” photo shoot, which would generally require women that are curvier and is capable of presenting a type of personality that is best suited for their for portraying the themes given by the photographer. Other than that, there are also clients looking for Singapore Models for Events, especially freelance models Singapore. These events are usually short and aren’t as high profile as runways, but they would still require a model to be present to either represent the company as the brand ambassador, or models for car shows.

Despite the rejection an aspiring model might receive, instead of sticking to one, there will always be other modelling types to look forward to.

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