Landlord-Farmer Case


The planet that we are living in is a place created by God for every being. Riches and golds will not be the measure of where you can go or what things you will be able to achieve in life. Plenty of hardworking people are becoming slaves in a situation they are in.
Let us take a closer and clearer consideration for this type of workers who have given their all and would still have nothing in return. Let us take the farmers side. Farmers who work almost the whole day, every day in a land they don’t own but is in-trusted on them. The usually agreed profit sharing contract is 60-40.
Yes, there is nothing wrong with it. There will obviously be no complications if both parties will do their tasks. The landlords will supply the things needed and the farmers will do the manual works.
But what if the landlord has been abandoning both the land and the farmers for a very long time but has the land title, and is planning to have the land sold without considering the farmers. This example of a case is not an alien to everyone.
We are all not ignorant of this one since many farmers have been a victim of such. It may be a matter of seeing it in a rational way, or in both rational and spiritual way. The usual and rightful thing that most of the farmers do is run to a lawyer malaysia. Seek help and have their rights heard and considered in the court.
So if you are one of them, never hesitate in seeking a lawyer’s help from a reliable lawyer of law firm malaysia! Do not be afraid to bring this to the people who have a better view and understanding of things.
Calling a lawyer from the law firms in KL is a big step! The landlord may have the title, but nothing can ever compare to the hard work the dedicated farmers gave, and that is what the lawyers will work for!

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