Hard Drive Failures Are Commonly Misdiagnosed As Viruses Or Other Computer Repair Issues


By the time most folks determine for themselves their computers hard drive is failing, they’ve lost much or all their valuable data and are they are facing a costly and potentially unsuccessful data recovery job. Computer manufacturers like Dell, Apple, Toshiba, HP and many others contribute to the problem by often pre-installing a tool with which to check the hard disk drive that’s been pre-configured with an extremely large threshold for reporting failures; maybe to prevent having to replace large numbers of drives beneath the computer or hard drive’s guarantee.

What most commonly happens is that a do-it-yourself computer user or inexperienced computer service center technician will see that the computer isn’t responding correctly and all too frequently incorrectly diagnose the problem as being associated with a virus or malware infection or other software problem, and will set about reinstalling the operating system and reloading the device. This typically exacerbates the problem since in all but the worst instances the machine will actually run normally again, often for many months before the hard disk failure progresses to the next degree, valuable data is lost and you have a non-functional computer Data Retrieval Service.

A capable and competent computer service center or field service technician will use a collection of computer hard disk diagnostic utilities however not all utilities are created equal and the best tools for testing hard drives are among the cheapest user-friendly. A program known as”Spin Rite” is among the best tools on the market for detecting early signs of drive failure, given the computer repair technician knows how to browse the drives raw data fields. To execute the tests properly the computer will also have to be booted up from the hard drive diagnostics CD itself as the best tools for testing hard drives can’t be installed directly within Windows if you wish to find a proper reading in the drive.

By doing the drives diagnostic tests correctly you can ordinarily detect hard disk failures before any loss of information occurs and prevent the need for a costly and potentially unsuccessful data recovery job since most failing hard drives will reveal inconsistencies in the raw data fields long before any loss of information occurs. When picking a computer service company to work on your own pc it is of the utmost important to be certain they actually perform a complete set of diagnostic tests on both the computer’s hardware and software systems and do not immediately resort to reloading the computer as is too frequently true.