Day: January 4, 2018

An Introduction to Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most widely used social messaging apps today as one of the revolutionized apps that changes the way people interact with each other through social media as compared to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Though not everyone catches the trend, especially older adults, but Snapchat is the hype among youths these days that includes young adults and teens.

As Snapchat is both an instant messaging platform and social network merged together into one app, it allows users to exchange messages with photos and videos that lasts up to a maximum of 10 seconds. These digital media that is sent to the other person are temporarily stored for 24 hours to be replayed. Users also have the option to have the media played once.

The heaviest users of Snapchat that dwell deeper within the app has become part of the big trend that involves sending sexually explicit messages via Snapchat. The app has been notorious for users to exchange provocative pictures to other users due to its temporary storage. There are tools for people to find people to chat with if they wish to engage in an exciting conversation with a stranger. has a lengthy database of – snapchat friends & usernames. The website does not affiliate itself with Snapchat, but it helps Snapchat users to find other users who have interests similar to them. The list of people who have voluntarily registered themselves can be searched on Snapchat with their given username.

So if you’d like to register yourself as well and have a little adventure chatting with random people around the world, go to and add in your username, age, gender, a little bit about yourself. You’d never know what interesting people you’d stumble upon on your visit there, and be sure to say hello once you add them to a chat!

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What is a Face Analysis Score?

You may have already come across this before when experimenting with beauty websites, or plugged in apps to social media that scans your face and tells you the level of attractiveness you are. A face analysis score is an algorithm that calculates the attractive score based on the geometrics and the proportions of your facial features. The algorithm focuses on calculating the distance between different parts of your face, such as the nose, lips, and eyes. The algorithm was derived from the Aesthetic Principles that help artists from the NeoClassical era to balance beauty through following these principles. The portraits that are studied are drawn from formulating the two rules which are, the Rules of Fifth, and the Rule of Thirds.

Rule of Fifths

The rule follows by dividing vertically along a proportionate face into five sections where each section is as wide as an eye. The rule of fifths focuses on analyzing the distance of the nose and the eyes and an ideal result is when these features have an approximately equal distance to each other.

Rule of Thirds

The rule was found the historical genius of science and art, Leonardo da Vinci. He discovered that a face that has balance is divided equally into three sections. Where the 1st section is filled from the hairline to the brow, the second starts from the eyes to the end of the nose, and the third is from the nose to the bottom of your chin.

However, you shouldn’t get too bothered down by an algorithm that calculates beauty by the proportions of your face. Different ethnicities have their own unique features that identify as a beautiful part of themselves to their culture. The  face analysis ethnicity solely depends on the dimensions of your face, but in the end, an algorithm can never compare to the people who think you are beautiful.

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